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Journalist Jessikka Aro talks about the Russian trolls who are out to get her

Mid Morning Mix // Community// Science & Technology// Entertainment // April 4, 2019

Jessikka Aro at Radiodays Europe, Lausanne on 1st April 2019


Jessikka Aro is a Finnish journalist working for Finland's public broadcaster Yle. She investigated "troll factories" in Russia where workers create online smear campaigns; fake news and even scarily realistic viral videos, all designed to spread falsehoods about their victims. Particularly interested in their involvement over the last US presidential elections, Jessikka even posed as a potential employee looking for work.

She then became a victim of their activities as an online smear campaign was launched against her and she received multiple death threats.

Jessikka joins WRS at Radiodays in Lausanne to talk about her experiences in journalism and whether she'd do it all again.



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