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Jordan Belfort, the REAL Wolf of Wall Street, Live in Zurich

Finance // By WRS // May 1, 2017

Saturday May 13, 2107: Jordan Belfort, the REAL Wolf of Wall Street is coming to Zurich to teach his famous 'Straight Line Persuasion System' selling stategy. As a listener of WRS get your ticket now at a 50% discount! 

. Jordan Belfort, the REAL Wolf of Wall Street, Live in Zurich

Get your ticket now at a 50% discount!

Do you remember the blockbuster movie ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ with Leonardo DiCaprio playing Jordan Belfort? Most people probably did not realize that Jordan Belfort is not a fictional character but a real person and the story in the movie is based on real facts. Jordan, already in his twenties, employed over one thousand people in his own broker firm on Wall Street.

But why was Jordan Belfort so successful even though he didn't know that much about the stock market? Because he knows how to sell! He is THE born salesman. It is safe to say that Jordan Belfort masters the art of persuasion like nobody else. And he has the gift to teach it to others. As shown in the movie, at a certain point in his career, he used his gift for the wrong cause. But he paid his dues and learned his lessons. 

He built his knowledge, his techniques, and his methods into a comprehensive sales strategy, the ‘Straight Line Persuasion System’ and he makes use of his gift as a world class motivator and sales trainer by traveling around the globe and teaching people how to use his system successfully and – most of all – ethically.

Aureum Events has succeeded in bringing this globally famous speaker to Zurich. During his all-day training, Jordan Belfort will teach the attendants his sales system, which has already made tens of thousands of people successful. He will talk about the inner and the outer game of sales, he will outline the key elements of persuasion and the syntax of the straight-line system. He will introduce to you the ten tonalities you have to master and show you techniques to gain and keep control over a sale, build trust, and consistently close sales. The participants will have to invest one Saturday of their valuable free time, but they can use their newly acquired skills the very next working day to close more sales.

The event will take place in the newly built Samsung Hall, the newest top-location for events in Zurich. The audience will experience the best in infrastructure, catering, and the latest in entertainment technology, such as a giant LED wall, perfect sound, and light effects.


Get your ticket now at a 50% discount!

To get 50% discount

1. Visit this website

2. Choose ‘Mitarbeiter’ from the special promotion dropdown list

3. Enter ‘WRS’ as promotion code

More information on Jordan's website and the event Facebook page

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