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JENBOJets tell us what it's like to swim the 69km of Lake Geneva

Mid Morning Mix // Health// Sport // Sept. 9, 2016

... so you don't have to.

JENBOJets tell us what it's like to swim the 69km of Lake Geneva

The JENBOJets are made up of Jo, Emily, Natasha, Bee and Octavia. They're a UK based swim team and part of the Serpentine Swimming Club and they're in Switzerland this week to swim the length of Lake Geneva from Villeneuve at the East end to Geneva at the West. 

At 9am on Wednesday 8th September they left the jetty at Villeneuve and arrived, all together, at Bains de Paquis 27hrs 55 minutes later, just short of midday on Thursday 9th

They completed the swim as a relay where one person was in the water at all times and each took hour shifts to cross the 69km long stretch of water that is Lake Geneva.

On Friday, after a short recovery, they joined Katt in the studio for the Mid Morning Mix show. Here are some of the highlights.

They completed the swim to raise money for 2 charities important to them, Lifeguard Hellas, who assist refugees in the water near the island of Lesvos, Greece. More information can be found on Emily's justgiving.org page, where you can also donate. Natasha is fundraising for Peace Direct, who support peace-building around the world.

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