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Integration: the great debate

Explore Switzerland// Politics // Oct. 20, 2015

Integration:a word which means different things to different people. This will be the theme but by no means the only topic of discussion among panel and audience at this popular event.

Integration: the great debate


The subject could not be more current. The Geneva region is well known for its cultural diversity and large number of foreigners. And nowadays our TV screens show daily the human procession of refugees and economic migrants seeking to find a new safe home across Europe. This is an opportunity to share your own
experiences and views on how one best becomes integrated into a different country/city, what are the key things that the authorities and resident population can do to make it easier, and how do you rate Geneva’s track record.

Our knowledgeable panel comes from a range of professional backgrounds both relevant and informed and includes a leading business journalist and author; a popular radio star and businessman; a head hunter with great experience of finding and integrating senior executives into the region; the Director of Communications
and Spokesman for UN Office at Geneva; and the CEO of a local, Swiss bank which is part of one of Asia's premier, transnational conglomerates.

 Myret Zaki,Editor-in-Chief of BILAN
 Mark Butcher of World Radio Switzerland; Founder/Director – AngloMediaGroup
 Cornelia Tänzler, Managing Partner, Boyden Global Executive Search
 Ahmad Fawzi, Director & Chief Spokesman, United Nations Information Service, UNOG
 Charles de Boissezon, CEO, Hinduja Bank (Switzerland) Ltd.

This Geneva Chapter event, the eighth in the series and now at a new “home”, the Hotel Warwick, is modelled on the long-running and highly successful BBC TV and Radio topical debate programmes ‘Question Time’ and ‘Any Questions’. We promise an entertaining evening with lively questions, spontaneous and well informed answers from an expert panel, followed by cocktails, canapés and petit-fours.

Q&A at the Hotel Warwick offers members and guests the chance to take part in important debate, meet the panellists and make new acquaintances and friendships in the agreeable surroundings of the Warwick.

18.15 Registration and aperitifs
19.00 “Q&A at the Warwick”
20.00 Cocktails, canapés and petit-fours
21.30 Close


Questions & Procedure
Members of the audience may put any reasonable question they wish directly to members of the panel. Or, if preferred, questions can be sent in advance to Michael McKay at michael.mckay@bscc.co.uk who will ask the question for you. The panellists will not be given notice of your question in advance.

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