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In Geneva in English; in July & August

Mid Morning Mix // Events// Explore Switzerland// Art & Culture // June 29, 2018


Christopher Park joins us in the studio to talk some of the great Summer events from the Ville de Genève.

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Part 1 (00:01 - 06:29) : Christopher talks about the stunning exhibition at the Ethnography Museum of Geneva (MEG) called Africa: The Ecstatic Religions, which is on now until January 2019.

Part 2 (06:30 - 13:15) : The Musée Ariana used to be a private residence, now it holds the exhibition Contained / Contenu which holds the work of 7 artists, look at the concept of how a void is constructed around an object, or an objet is constructed around a void. Also a Russian Artist Collective AES+F display their hyper-realistic, large scale animated videos at the Art & History Museum (MAH) in Geneva until October. 

Part 3 (13:15 - 15:26) : Looking for something for the kids? Looking for something free? How about The Science History Museum and the temporary exhibition about Scientific Images - different to artistic images? We also have some BBQ and picnic tips to make a day of it. 

Part 4 (15:26 - 23:40) : Ballet anyone? Only 6 shows of contemporary ballet between 28th June and 4th July, with live musicians, at the Opera des Nations under the title Vertige Romantique. For film lovers, we have the Bette Davis Retrospective until the 5th July 2018 at the Cinema at Grutli and the 8th edition of CineGlobe at CERN to visit! Explore a VR journey through the astronaut tests at NASA and watch 2001: A Space Odyssey. 

Part 5 (23:40 - 27:58) : Musiques en Été is a free summer music festival from the 6th - 12th August 2018. Some of the events take place outdoor in the Parc de la Grange, which Christopher tells us is also a great place to head for the 1st August National Festival. 


  • Image: Holy 2 – Vues de l’esprit series by Fabrice Monteiro (1972- ) Senegal. 2014 edition 5/5
  • Part of the Africa: The Ecstatic Religions Exhibition at MEG



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