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Talking Spiritual Living with ICSL

Mid Morning Mix // Community// Events // June 14, 2019


What is 'spiritual living'? We discuss with Reverand Beth Linguri, Linda Orr-Easo & Fiona Strafford... 


Rev. Beth Linguri in the studio on the Mid Morning Mix


The people at ICSL Geneva come from all cultural backgrounds, faiths and spiritual traditions. 

Their summer retreat takes place between 23-25 August and will be held at the Château de Bossey in Bogis-Bossey, Switzerland. The retreat encourages embracing change through morning talks and learning practical techniques such as yoga, singing, breathing exercises and something that they call 'Sacred Circle'. 


  • In our life’s journey there are many changes. The cycle of CHANGE is unstoppable. It is inevitable.
  • Yet, sometimes we resist change; we prefer to stay in our comfort zone. We may even find ourselves becoming overwhelmed in this rapidly changing world. 
  • The three-day retreat will begin each day with a morning talk and followed by an experiential workshop.





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