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HydroContest - learning about maritime energy efficiency

Science & Technology // July 17, 2015

HYDROCONTEST 2015 is underway in Lausanne. Engineering students from all over the globe (including Colombia, Brazil, UK, Australia, France, Switzerland) have come together on the banks of Lake Geneva to pool their ideas and findings and work on building more energy-efficient boats, as well as race their own prototypes that they've created in their home countries over the past year.

HydroContest - learning about maritime energy efficiency

There are many different categories in which the boats are judged, including weight bearing and long distance and the students have the ability to come together and see whether their prototypes have commercial use.

Surrounding the competition itself is a temporary village spanning 4000m2 where the public can come, run their own experiments, use remote controlled model boats to understand some of the science theory behind the prototypes and talk to the students about their work and findings and learn about hydropower themselves. It's a great opportunity for kids and adults alike to come and learn!

General Secretary of Hydros Foundation, Bibiana Jurado and EPFL student and team manager joined Katt on the Mid Morning Mix to explain the yearly competition and surrounding events.

You can find this temporary village opposite the Vidy Pyramids in Lausanne, until Sunday 19th July.

A full programme of events is available on the HYDROCONTEST website

(Accompanying photos by Pierrick Contin)

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