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How to get your kids to revise over the holidays

Family// Education // May 10, 2016

Sabine Hutcheson of Tutors Plus and Learn More was asked a very good question by an 11 year old girl:

How to get your kids to revise over the holidays

My mum always wants me to complete revision books over the holidays but they are really boring. Is there something more fun I can do instead?

Revision books for the summer are a great way to consolidate what the students learnt and to bridge the gap from one year to the next. It is, however, hard to get children to sit down with pen and paper when they are on holiday mode. The solution is to find alternative and fun ways of revising.

Here are some great tips for making studying fun:

  • Crosswords and other puzzles are a great way to exercise mathematical skills.
  • There is an array of online games, covering all school subjects, that can keep children entertained with interactive learning, especially on rainy summer days.
  • Make the most of the holiday by getting friends and family involved, organising quizzes, reading challenges, science experiments in the garden or plays to develop their memory.
  • Study skills classes, such as those run by Sabine Hutcheson at the British School of Geneva, are perfect for preparing for the year to come.

Tags: parents, study, kids

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