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Hot composting with Hotbin

Mid Morning Mix // Gardening & Green Spaces// Food & Drink // May 29, 2020

Send less waste to incineration and create your own organic compost with food waste and scraps!

HOTBIN is a wheelie-bin sized insulated container that stores and composts your waste. Waste is fed into the top of the container and compost is removed via the hatch at the bottom. It takes between 30-90 days and composting can be achieved all year round due to the insulation layer that keeps the bacteria's heat inside.

As the waste breaks down, bacteria naturally heats up. This insulated composter doesn't require a power source or accelerator and still reaches temperatures of 40-60 degrees.

You can even throw in town up paper scraps (great way to dispose of any junk mail!).

Hotbin's Ramona Azarnia explains...

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