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Help Nevin search for her mystery man!

The Breakfast Show // General // By Mark // Aug. 26, 2020

So, we at WRS were intrigued by the post (below) which appeared on the Geneva Expats Facebook page – and we decided to lend a hand.

Mark and Katt called Nevin, who is on a search for this mysterious man, so she can tell us the full story…

If you have any leads – drop us a line!

(Note: in the picture, Nevin is wearing the same clothes she was on Sunday!)

Alright, this is by far the weirdest and most embarrassing message I’m posting in a public group , and there will probably be lots of jokes, but at this point I don’t care. Haha.
Are you the man in his mid/late 30s who was at Starbucks (address: Quai des Bergues 23) around 9:30am last Sunday (August 23)? Do you have beautiful eyes, really short black hair and short beard (and some grey hair on your beard)? Were you sitting right outside the exit door, talking to a male friend of yours while drinking a cup of something? Were you wearing black gym clothes, and had a green-ish / yellow-ish phone wrapped around one of your arms? Did you keep making eye contact with 3 young(ish) women who were staring at you? Did you walk around them, trying to start a conversation, but perhaps were too embarrassed, so you kinda stared at your feet and played with a plastic bag (ziploc?) you pulled out of your pocket? And after about 15 minutes, did you chicken out and start jogging away with your high tech headphones?
If you are that person, or his friend, please raise your hand. My friends and I need to find you, because one of us is in love with you (me!). Bahaha.
I'm sorry I was not brave enough to approach you, but I really need the universe to give me a second chance!

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