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Have my kidney

Mid Morning Mix // Family// Health // Aug. 9, 2018

Elin joins us in the WRS studio as they talk about kidneys and friendship, not necessarily in that order.

"I've just realised - I'm going to be Catherine's bin" - Elin in the WRS studio, discussing the kidneys' function in the body.


Elin Larsen Glen and Catherine Sumpter met in Switzerland. Catherine now lives in New Zealand, but they still speak every day.

Catherine has always had kidney issues, but they've become more critical in recent years. She needs a transplant, but her father, brother and husband aren't a match. However, her best friend Elin is!

Although Catherine initially refused Elin's kidney, Elin is pretty determined to make sure she gets it, despite some worried relatives of her own, she says that the risks are calculated and she'll take them for her best friend.

Elin's raising money to cover the costs surrounding the transplant, such as travel and childcare for her 2 year old via GoFundMe.



Elin & Catherine - when they first met

Catherine & Elin - now 




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