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Happy City Lab - making a happy city

Mid Morning Mix // Community// Events// Entertainment // July 17, 2018

Ciné Transat is now in it's 10th edition; with open air screenings of cult movies, designed to bring people together throughout the summer. But what's their motivation to put this on? Catherine Armand explains to Katt on the Mid Morning Mix...


Happy City Lab started in Geneva, Switzerland and, though still based here, are tackling projects and making cities happy worldwide. Their mission is to bring people together and allow people to create a connection in shared spaces. Did you know that they're also the same people that scattered pianos throughout the streets and transport hubs of Geneva?

Ciné Transat is now on it's 10th edition; with open air screenings of cult movies, designed to give people the opportunity to come together, enjoy a picnic in a public space and enjoy a great movie, for free. Catherine Armand, Ciné Transat coordinator, explains some of the highlights of the Cinétransat programme that runs until the 19th August, including some of the theme nights. It's all free, though you can choose to rent a transat garden chair and they do have a paid bar on site should you want some refreshment with your movie! 

Some particularly exciting news for the anglophones out there. This is the first year that the classic French movies will also have English subtitles too, so head along and check out a cult French movie too.




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