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Get Swissed with UNESCO

Mid Morning Mix // Family// Explore Switzerland// Food & Drink// Travel // April 8, 2019


Discover the historical gems of Switzerland, both in natural beauty and man-built cities.

This episode of "Get Swissed" travels to various UNESCO sites and Marc tries his hand at watchmaking in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Are you ready?



Get Swissed with Marc Checkley!

Get an inside view of Switzerland's hidden gems with Marc Checkley.

Marc is a host, writer and avid adventurer from New Zealand and has lived near Lausanne since 2016. He brings you bite-sized insider tips about your new home country that will surprise, delight and excite you!

Get Swissed is presented by Switzerland Tourism, discover Switzerland's hidden gems at myswitzerland.com/expats









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