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GEDS are Caught in the Net

Events// Entertainment// Art & Culture // Nov. 10, 2015

Geneva English Drama Society (GEDS)are ready to give us a good giggle. Caught in the Net is Ray Cooney's sequel to "Run for your Wife" where naughty taxi man John desperately tries to keep his two wives from finding out about each other. Now, in "Caught in the Net", 15 years have passed. His two children from his two relationships have found each other online and are desperate to meet with hilarity and heartache ensuing. 

GEDS are Caught in the Net

Sharon Gill and Cathy Boyle talk us through the rehearsal process for finding their two very different characters as they play the two very different wives he is so desperate to keep apart.

Shows run 17-21 November at Théâtre de Terre-Sainte in Coppet. For more info check out www.geds.ch.

Tags: performance, GEDS

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