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Friday is European Fragile X awareness day

Health // Oct. 9, 2014

Fragile X is a little known form of mental disability and the most common reason for intellectual retardation after Down's Syndrome.

Friday is European Fragile X awareness day

The Swiss Fragile X Association (Fraxas) has recently formed to raise more awareness about the syndrome. Fragile X is a genetic syndrome, that is the most widespread single-gene cause of autism in boys.

Fraxas is hosting a special event in Lausanne at Place de l'Europe from 6pm. In conjunction with the artist MUMA, six thousand candles will be arranged into a giant X to mark the occasion.

To find out more about the event or Fragile X Syndrome go to - www.fraxas.ch

Kristin Mulcock is the mother of two Fragile X children. Tony spoke with her on Drivetime.

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