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"Forever starts now" - a new song with a local twist

Mid Morning Mix // Entertainment// Art & Culture // Sept. 20, 2016

Sophie de Quay is an up and coming local star.

"Forever starts now" - a new song with a local twist

She's recently teamed up with Forever Laser Institute in Geneva to write a song called 'Forever starts now' which will have it's public debut at a private event at Forever Laser this Thursday 22nd September, when she'll sing it as a duet with Forever Laser Institute's Cyrille Polla.

You can, however, listen to more from Sophie, performing with her band The Waveguards, on their facebook page. 

Look out for Sophie and The Waveguards at some their other upcoming shows, including Fête de Vendenges in Lutry (23 Sept 2016) and at the Caves de Bon-Séjour in Versoix (1st Oct 2016).

And here's the full song:

Lyrics: Cyrille Polla. Music composition: Simon Jaccard. Interpretation: Sophie de Quay and The WaveGuards featuring Cyrille Polla

Photo of Sophie de Quay (B&W) - Pamela Chiuppi

Photo of Sophie de Quay & Cyrille Polla - Le Marin Productions

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