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Flora Carmichael - Beyond Fake News

Mid Morning Mix // Education// WRS// Politics // April 4, 2019


Mid Morning Mix presenter Katt Cullen spoke to Flora Carmichael at Radiodays Europe in Lausanne.

  • Mark Butcher (WRS), Flora Carmichael (BBC World Service) & Katt Cullen (WRS) at Radiodays Europe in Lausanne, 2 April 2019


Flora Carmichael is a Senior Journalist for the BBC World Service working on the Beyond Fake News project.

BBC News launched the Beyond Fake News season in November 2018 to highlight and tackle the problem of disinformation globally.

Flora talks to WRS about some of her staggering research findings. We discuss whether there is a certain demographic who are to blame for the rise in fake news stories and how journalists can do their part to combat fake news by becoming more transparent in their reporting.



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