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FILM NUT - March Of The Penguins 2 & Geostorm

Film Nut // Entertainment // Oct. 30, 2017

After March of the Penguins, the sequel is finally here with more incredible footage from Antarctica, as filmed by Luc Jaquet. This time he's using better technology; from the cameras to the diving gear. If it was tricky to film, he's making it similarly tricky to remember the film's full title: March of the Penguins 2: The Call (L’Empereur).

This second movie is scored by Cyrille Aufort and narrated by Lambert Wilson (Of Gods and Men).

Geostorm comes to you from the makers of Independence Day. It took years to make (and re-make) but will the final product be worth it. Unfortunately, for Gerard Butler, we fear that this enviro-sci-fi will not.

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