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FILM NUT - Kubo and the Two Strings + Blair Witch

Mid Morning Mix // Entertainment // Sept. 21, 2016

Kerre Cole is an utter nutter for a good film so grab your popcorn and find a snug position in a heavily padded red-velour chair because this is your one-stop round up for all film releases this week, every week with the Mid Morning Mix's Katt Cullen.

FILM NUT - Kubo and the Two Strings + Blair Witch

Kerre's pretty sold on Kubo and the Two Strings and can't contain her enthusiasm! It's out this week. Furthermore, there's the long-awaited return of the Blair Witch. Will they find Heather? They're certainly out to look for her...

If you're heading off to the cinema this week with friends, family or on a date-night, make sure you know what to watch!

Broadcast Monday-Friday each week, you can tune in and hear it during Katt's show, the Mid Morning Mix on Wednesday mornings at 10:40am.

Tags: film, Nut

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