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FILM NUT - Alien; Covenant and King Arthur; Legend of the Sword

Film Nut // Entertainment// Art & Culture // May 15, 2017

This week Kerre takes a look at the latest film from director Ridley Scott. This movie is the sequel to Prometheus; the first prequel to the Alien movies. To catch-up a little without too much of a spoiler, in Prometheus, the Aliens use humans as incubators and this led to some pretty gory aliens-jumping-out-of-chests scenes. An android character was amongst the few survivors.

Now you've caught up, here's Covenant; our second prequel. In this movie we see a new colony ship of the same name is on its way to a remote planet. While en route, their ship is damaged and, during repairs, they receive a signal from the old Prometheus ship. The crew investigate and discover that the android has survived and so head out to investigate. It all seems to be going so well... until... 

King Arthur; Legend of the Sword is a gritty looking Guy Ritchie film about King Arthur, who grows up as an orphan on the mean streets of London following his father's homicide, by his uncle, who then seized control of the crown. Arthur doesn't realise he has royal blood until he pulls the sword from the stone. He must decide whether to join forces with the local resistance or try and ignore the powerful pull from the sword.

Kerre reports back on this week's big screen releases. 

Also this week, we take a quick look at the Festival of 5 Continents, taking place in Geneva & surrounding towns in Switzerland & France, until the 28th May. 





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