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The FIFDH will happen in a drastically revised format.

Mid Morning Mix // Events// Education// Politics// Art & Culture // March 3, 2020

The 18th edition of the International Film Festival & Forum for Human Rights has now been cancelled.

Following the federal decision to ban any events with more than 1000 people to control the spread of the covid-19 virus, the organisers of the Geneva-based film festival were forced to pull the plug on the festival in its current form. 

However, they are quickly rethinking the festival's format and have decided to make as much of the content as possible available online. They will be streaming films, forums and debates across the duration of the festival 6-15 March 2020. In this way the 18th edition will take place, but in a drastically revised format.

FIFDH's Caroline Abu Sa'da explains... 


More information will be available shortly on fifdh.org

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