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Fai Baba - that sweet spot where psychedelic folk meets loud rock

Mid Morning Mix // Entertainment // June 2, 2017

Fai Baba is a Zurich based musician and he's BUSY this festival season.

How could we describe him? 'Blues avant guard'? 'toxic folk?, 'garage blues'? 'psychedelic country'? - these are all descriptions that have been used for his style.

Fai Baba released his 5th album this year – Sad and Horny - on Caspar records.

He’ll be at Caribana, Festi’Neuch and Paleo amongst others on the festival circuit this year.

My first question – what do we call you....? – Fai, Fai Baba, Mr Baba…?


Sad and Horny

His new album Sad & Horny sounds like something straight out of LA Psych-Land. With only the cable of the guitar and its need for power and amplification keeping Fai Baba anchored – not necessarily to the ground, but definitely somewhere within the city. Then again, the music also has a strong Deep South, countryside feel to it. The songs took their time to develop, but still sound refreshingly off-the-cuff, and even though they all share the same level of intensity, each one explores an entirely different mood. The very title of the album reflects this, since it offsets brooding, melancholy numbers written by Fai Baba himself against the bulk of the album that follows an altogether different energy.

This isn’t the singer/guitarist’s sole responsibility. The record owes much of its charming and ever-confident pace to the fact that in early 2016, Domi Chansorn was invited on board. It‘s obvious that two soul mates have met here to create rock-solid sounds, but also to let them develop in the moment, keep them flexible, and to understand them as living things that in turn can be influenced by the audience – no matter whether there‘s only a guitar on stage, or drums, or even a bass and a piano.

Sad & Horny started out as a planned cooperation with a filmmaker, and the songs drew inspiration from film noir and road movie atmospheres. The film never got made, but the music remains: against a backdrop of drugged-up repetition, reverberating guitars you can almost reach out and touch.


Tags: music, Zurich

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