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Explaining Transcendental Meditation - Léonard Stein

Mid Morning Mix // Health // May 19, 2020

In 40 years of teaching Transcendental Meditation, Léonard Stein has never met anyone who couldn't do it. He says "it's effortless".

As he explains to Katt Cullen on the Mid Morning Mix, TM should be learnt one-on-one with a qualified teacher as it is different to other meditation, but once a person has learnt the techniques, they'll have the tools to use it forever. 

Léonard explains why people turn to TM, how often it should be practiced and what a person's first session of TM looks like... 


You can find a qualified TM teacher in Switzerland through the website: switzerland.tm.org

Until July 31st, 2020, a special solidarity offer (- 20 to 50%) applies to key workers, in gratitude for their commitment in difficult times, as well as to those who have been financially hit by the lockdown. Please inquire with a certified TM teacher in your area!


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