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Elodie Moos from Nendaz Tourism on her favourite events

The Breakfast Show // Entertainment // Dec. 16, 2016

Elodie Moos explains the big event that will kick off the season in Nendaz.

Nendaz Beginning means it's a great time to try new skis from a variety of brands. So don't even bring your skis - try on some new ones or, even better, a variety. Also, there's free lessons available on the slopes!


The Nendaz Beginning takes place at the beginning of each season - this year on the 17th December 2016.

Other events for your Nendaz diary for 2017 should include:

Full moon night skiing - 14 January,  11 February & 11 March

Carnabaar - 25 February - a carnival in the small village of Baar, on the way up to Nendaz

Carnaval - 27 February - a family friendly carnival event

Nendaz Freeride - 10-15 March

Migros Grand Prix - 25 March 

Nendaz Spring Break - 15 April - celebrating the arrival of Spring amongst palm trees, waterslides and a jacuzzi on the slopes

Swiss Snow Happening - 19-23 April - The 16th edition of the ski and snowboard competition between Swiss ski & snowboard instructors, held for the first time this year in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

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