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Discover watchmaking with Zenith

The Breakfast Show // General // By Mark // Dec. 4, 2019

For years watch makers have been very secretive about their profession – much to the frustration of many watch fans and tourist offices. But now there’s more competition for watches as we now always have something that tells the time on us. However, there is still an appeal of having something which is well made, beautiful to look at sends a sign. The best way to make sure people remain excited by high end watches is to show them how they’re made and the work that goes into it.

One of the oldest watch brands in the country – Zenith – in canton Neuchatel is now offering tours, interactive attractions and the chance to have a chat with a master watch maker.. Mark Butcher spoke to Julien Tonare and started by asking him why have watch makers been so secretive in the past…

Tags: zenith, Neuchatel

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