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Dig It! Ticino Gardens (4 March 2019)

Dig It! // Gardening & Green Spaces// WRS// General // March 4, 2019

This week we are in Ticino, visiting the glorious garden the Parco Botanico Gamborogno and the Vivaio Eisenhut, a nursery packed with fabulous camellias, azaleas, magnolias, as well as hardy citrus and hemerocallis, among others. The nursery benefits from an almost perfect situation on the east bank of Lago Maggiore, with acidic soil, lots of rain and not too much sun. You can see pictures and read more on www.eisenhut.ch including details of opening hours and how to get there. The garden is featured in my new book "Gardens Schweiz Suisse Switzerland", published by Bergli Books at the end of March www.bergli.ch

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