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Dig It! Spring Bulbs (11 February 2019)

Dig It! // Gardening & Green Spaces// WRS// General // Feb. 11, 2019

Spring flowering bulbs bring a great touch of colour to any garden or balcony. They are generally planted in the autumn, but if you missed the boat on planting in the autumn, don't panic, you can buy bulbs ready planted right now in garden centres and DIY stores. Just plant them in your borders if the ground is soft enough, or pop them in a pot with some winter-hardy seasonal colour like pansies or bellis daises. You can even swap them over as the flowers fade, with the next spring flowering bulb of choice! Anne Vander Elst of Paul Geen BVBA (for details of where they will be selling their sonderful bulbs this spring, get in touch with the team on paulgeens54@hotmail.com) gave us her best bets for strong spring colour.

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