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Dig It! Smoothie (16 April 2018)

Dig It! // Gardening & Green Spaces// WRS// General // April 20, 2018

You can Grow Your Own Smoothies! Go for the easy plants that grow well like in Switzerland, like spinach, raspberries or strawberries and you'll have plenty for your smoothies and salads all summer long.
The spinach variety mentioned, that is cold-weather resistant, is "Atlanta"

The autumn-fruiting red raspberry variety mentioned in the show is "Autumn Bliss" (sometimes also sold as "Blissy") and the golden variety is "Golden Bliss" pictured. The Swiss Gardening School have a course on the 21 April on Grow Your Own Smoothies, there are a few spaces left, sign up on line https://swissgardeningschool.com/events/saturday-pop-up-grow-your-own-smoothies/ or arrange to have the course run in your garden, get in touch via the web site.

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