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Dig It! Shady spots, ponds, fountains and grasses

Dig It!// Mid Morning Mix // Gardening & Green Spaces// WRS // Aug. 27, 2020

Garden Doctor Hester Macdonald steps into the studio with Katt Cullen to run through all of your garden questions.

Louise is the best neighbour! She wants to offer her new neighbours something low maintenance for their shady terrace (1min 05) and we wonder whether a hydrangea would be a good option. We have a question about a very unique fountain space (7min 20) and hear about Hester's love of spider plants. Magda's lawn looks a little worse for wear (10min 00) and might need more than a simple watering. 

Susannah has been wondering about tropical looking plants that she's seen in Montreux (14min 04) and Rebecca wants something weirder for her veggie patch (17mins 09). Don't worry, Hester has us covered with a cucamelons!!

We also take a look at Lauren's pond plants (20min 57) that just aren't growing! And the plants and grasses of the month, or year! (23mins 15)

Happy Gardening !




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