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Dig It! Maples, moths and nudey neighbours

Dig It!// Mid Morning Mix // Gardening & Green Spaces// WRS// General // Sept. 24, 2020

Garden Doctor Hester Macdonald steps into the studio with Katt Cullen to run through all of your garden questions.

Glyn has "killer butterflies" (1min 35) that are tucking into his geraniums. Raphy gets some good news (6min) and can kick back and not prune those Japenese maples after all: Yay for lazy!

Also today Helen needs to protect her neighbours' modesty and pronto (9min 58). We need something tall to give her pool privacy, and to avoid awkward explanations with houseguests over rosé. 

Antoinette would love a living roof on their apartment (17min10). It's great for insects. Any tips? Erik wants to know if whether to rip up a clover-covered lawn. 

Finally cactii survival tips (21min50) AND Fred's neighbours' burnt bush (23min 20) might be beyond saving and David's single aubergine needs some support (24min42)!

Happy Gardening !


Tags: garden

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