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Dig It! Hydrangea macrophylla "So Long Sunny" (20 May 2019)

Dig It! // Gardening & Green Spaces// WRS // By Katt Cullen // May 20, 2019


Hydrangeas are among my favourite flowers for the month of May, and Eric Renault of Sapho nurseries in the north of France, was showing a brand new variety, called Hydrangea macrophylla "So Long Sunny" at the Salon du Végétal last year.

Unusually for a hydrangea, it flowers after only a year, can be pruned in April and will flower that summer, and will tolerate a sunny position in the garden.

It stays compact and so it perfect for pots as well as in borders.

If it's as popular as another of their discovers Hydrangea paniculata "Vanille Fraise", which does brilliantly all over Switzerland and won lots of prizes, then they're onto a winner."




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