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Dig It! Growing veggies with kids (1 May 2017)

Dig It! // Gardening & Green Spaces// WRS // May 1, 2017

Growing vegetables, fruit or herbs with children is a great way to get them interested in growing and then eating the results. My own children chose their own crops to grow from about the age of three, and are both enthusiastic vegetable growers and eaters now, willing to try new varieties, flavours and textures. I met up with three young and very enthusiastic gardeners recently, and they had lots of good ideas for successful gardening with children. For the veggies course at the Swiss Gardening School in Geneva, go to to sign up and for more details. There will be evening courses later this spring, too.


For gardening in small spaces, the excellent book by Michael Guerra "the Edible Container Garden" is probably the most accessible and has a great guide at the back on how much space and depth every vegetable and herb needs, helping you to choose your containers accordingly.  Useful for any veggie grower. For square foot, or "potager en carrés" gardening, we have found this site to be the most useful, all in imperial measurements, but otherwise perfect! See: My Square Foot Garden


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