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Dig It! Get your Mojo with berries (20 January 2020)

Dig It! // Gardening & Green Spaces// WRS// General // Jan. 20, 2020

With advances in breeding and development, it's getting easier and easier to fit a berrying plant or two into your garden. This week, Peter van Rjjssen from Plantipp https://www.plantipp.eu/en/Plants/morus-rotundiloba-bonbonberry-mojo-berry-matsunagapbr-2/ tells us about the gorgeous new dwarf mulberry, the Mojo Berry, that will stay small enough to live in a pot, fruits from may until September and doesn't need a pollination partner. They are available at www.lubera.ch and in some garden centres The orchid show is at the Elfenau Park in Bern, 23-26 January, details are here https://www.orchideen-bern.ch/2019/03/ausstellung-bern-2020-orchideen-treffen-keramik/

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