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Dig It! Dahlias (25 June 2018)

Dig It! // Gardening & Green Spaces// WRS// General // June 25, 2018

Want to add a bit of pep to your veggie patch and your plate? How about growing some dahlias? The French bulb company, Ernest Turc, launched a new range of edible dahlias, under the "Bio Bulb Eat" label, last week at the Salon du Végétal in Nantes. Anne-Marie Brochier from the company has some great ideas as to how cook and eat them. The new product will be on the market from 2019, but you can buy a regular dahlia, like the dark-leaved, red-flowered "Pampa" now, get it in the ground or a pot pronto, enjoy the flowers this autumn and then dig it up and eat the bulbs when the foliage gets frosted in late October.

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