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Dig It! Conrad Gesner (13 June 2016)

Dig It! // Gardening & Green Spaces// WRS // June 15, 2016

Conrad Gesner is not a name known to many, but thanks to a new twin exhibition in both Geneva and Zurich's Botanical Gardens about him and the family of plants named after him, this may be about to change in the year of the 500th anniversary since his birth. Gesner was a remarkable polymath, physician, botanist, zoologist and linguist, and his legacy can be seen in the exhibitions in Zurich and Geneva and the lovely Gesner Garden in the Old Botanic Garden "Alter Botanischer garten" in Zurich. Peter Enz, of the Zurich Botanic Garden, was able to put Gesner into context for the Dig It listeners and explain what is quite so remarkable about the family of plants named after him, including the humble African Violet.

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