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Dig It! Christmas Gifts and Markets

Dig It! // Gardening & Green Spaces// WRS// General // Dec. 9, 2020

Dig It LIVE is sponsored by Schilliger Garden Centre

SPECIAL OPENING: The Gland store will be open this Sunday 13th December. 


On this edition of Dig It, Hester looks at ideas for gifts for the home, such as Floral Botanical Prints from a Swiss based artist. www.xixifloralprints.com

Candles are always a popular gift, from www.jennyandrews.org

Learn more about plants with some wonderfully illustrated flash cards from www.theclarysage.com, make your own wreath from www.missdaisy.ch

There are also some Christmas Markets going on – although many have been cancelled this year, but Hester gives the details on those that are open and are Covid safe.

Jewellery by Judith Cupples, another Swiss based maker, from the Lausanne area. Nature-inspired jewellery including a gorgeous sage leaf pendant and one with a grapevine leaf on it. Where to buy? Etsy store A Pinch of Silver

You’re too late for shipping within Switzerland or the UK, BUT she will be at the Christmas Market at the Ateliers de la Cote in Etoy this week from Friday to Sunday.


Another Christmas market is on in Zurich with a large number of Makers, including The Primrose Secret Garden, a range of beautiful botanical and beeswax items made by Jennifer Rohr with products from her organic farm in Neuchatel.

The market is on the 10th of December, you have to register to visit, all COVID protections are in place. You will be able to pick up some of Renee Blanchardt’s own teas, or other botanical products at the same time – she’s a world famous herbalist and naturopath.


And if you can’t get there, head to the Primrose Secret Garden’s own website

www.primrosesecretgarden.com and pick up some bee or botanical goodies



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