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Dig It! Chillis, Cherries, Cats & Coriander

Dig It!// Mid Morning Mix // Gardening & Green Spaces// WRS // July 23, 2020

Garden Doctor Hester Macdonald steps into the studio with Katt Cullen to run through all of your garden questions.


Sonia is looking at how to optimise her chilli crop. She planted them during lockdown and really wants them to thrive. (1 min 30)

Rachel (4min 32) is obsessed with coriander, a.k.a. cilantro, and wants to keep her plants alive! The sad truth though - it's not you, it's them, but Hester can definitely help them last longer, at least.

Today we also had a couple of questions about cherry trees. Glyn's tree appears to be leaking (9min 48) and Diane just wants her tree to produce some fruit (14min 16). The first step is to determine whether it's an ornamental cherry tree, because those will never produce fruit. Otherwise, there are lots of factors. We'll run through a few that might help. .

Lastly Les has kittens! He's wondering if there's a way to stop the other farm cats coming into his garden, whilst not making it unpleasant for his new fur-balls. (21min 42) Hester and Katt take a look at some humane and gentle ways to try to divert cats away from your outdoor space.

Happy Gardening !

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