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Daphne Cheng is bringing her healthy, sexy food-revolution to Switzerland.

Mid Morning Mix // Style// Food & Drink// Health // May 8, 2017

Daphne Cheng and Lauren Xandra are on their way to Verbier when they call into the WRS studio as they're bringing their healthy, sexy, food-revolution to Switzerland.

Celebrity chef Daphne Cheng is launching an experiential media and technology company called Superhuman, whose mission it is to both empower people to become the superhero versions of themselves and to make brands more sustainable, popular and profitable than ever.

As Daphne explains, it all starts with food. 

Daphne has hosted dinner parties for such celebrities as Vera Wang, Alec Baldwin and Taylor Swift. She has recently moved from New York to Shanghai and her new flagship restaurant will open in the arts district of Shanghai this coming August. She promotes healthy eating and using hydroponic technology, allowing her to sustainably grow the safest, healthiest and freshest produce in Shanghai itself.

Daphne is cultivating quite the cult following, particularly amongst Chinese millennials, who have seen her evolve from dinner party hostess and chef to entrepreneur with Superhuman.

Daphne and some of the Superhuman team




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