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Danna Levy Hoffmann; Organilicious mom-preneur

Mid Morning Mix // Family// Food & Drink // By Katt Cullen // July 6, 2018


Mom-preneur Danna Levy Hoffmann talks about eating healthy and what being a mother brings to her role as a businesswoman...


Danna believes in "deliciously sustainable lifestyle choices" and says that she promotes understanding your own body; that each individual is different and requires different diets to nourish their insides. She wants to start a food revolution!

Her project started with Miso Cute cookery courses; teaching kids from a young age how to prepare a good, well-balanced dish for themselves; talking about fruit and veg instead of candy, and showing off her twist of Middle Eastern / Global Fushion food. Now she teaches adults as individuals or corperate team-building and offers catering. She blogs about it too!


Veggies should be "the star of the show" - Organilicious founder Danna Levy Hoffmann.



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