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Can you offer some financial support?

Mid Morning Mix// The Breakfast Show// Swiss Up!// BBC World Business Report // Community// WRS// General // March 25, 2020

WRS is a small, independent business and we rely entirely on advertising revenue to keep delivering your free 24 hour radio service across Switzerland and beyond. 

Many of our valued clients have had to postpone their advertising at the moment due to coronavirus - just when people rely on the live, friendly and essential information that is radio at its best.

Like the many small businesses that we are supporting with free advertising at this time we operate on small margins - so now we are all in the same boat! 

We have never experienced such an outpouring of appreciation and interaction from our listener community, so thank you! 

If you want to make sure we can continue to be your trusted friends at this time, we would really appreciate any financial support in the form of a donation, large or small. 

Whatever you think is the right amount will be deeply appreciated. 

Not just by us, but by all of the listeners who need us at this difficult time.

. Can you offer some financial support?

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