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Caravane de Solidarité - how quickly the foodbank grew into something unmanageable

Mid Morning Mix // Community// Family// National News// Local News// Food & Drink// Health// Politics // May 28, 2020

Charly Hernandez from Caravane de Solidarité explains how the foodbank in Geneva, that is now attended by thousands, grew so quickly...  


Last week 2,900 picked up bags of provisions worth around CHF 20 and thousands are expected to queue again tomorrow at the Vernets ice rink in Geneva. 

More than 300 volunteers packed and handed out the food to those in need. Mainly undocumented workers and those who’ve lost their job due to the lockdown.

Charly Hernandez from the organisers the Caravane de Solidarité says they don’t ask questions about who wants the food. 

This weekend is the last time the Caravan of Solidarity will be running the food bank. It will be taken over by the Ville de Geneve from now on. Charly says the time is right to hand over the job.

Donations can still be made this Friday 29 May between 14:00 - 20:00 at the Vernet Ice Rink, ahead of distribution on Saturday. Alternatively, financial contributions can be made to Caravane de Solidarité directly, using the information below. 


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La caravane de la solidarité - Geneve
IBAN CH42 0027 9279 3606 5101 U
Adresse: 50 rue de Vermont - 1202 GENEVE






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