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Celebrating all things design

Mid Morning Mix // Style // Sept. 26, 2016

Celebrating all things design, Design Days is a 4-day event with the latest and greatest in product design, interior design and for the first year, this year, the special guests Swiss Fashion Point, will display some of Switzerland's newest fashion design.

Celebrating all things design

With sections devoted to young designers, Swiss and international designers and now fashion, there are opportunities to buy the products on display, but also keep up to date with the most contemporary design trends, such as slow fashion. Hear more in our podcast below.

Popular with designers, design-lovers and simply the curious, this makes a great day out and it's a bargain at just 5 CHF (under 12s go free!)

Everything has a design focus. Even the location! It's based in an old book factory, with 60s architecture. The cafe and wifi have been installed especially for the event.

Clara Jannet, Event Coordinator, tells us more...

Location: Anciens Ateliers, Mayer & Soutter Building, Rue de Lausanne 64, Renens

When: Thursday 29th September - 2nd October 2016

Opening Times: Thurs 16-22h   |   Fri 12-30h   |   Sat 10-29h   |   Sun 10-18h

More information can be found at www.designdays.ch

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