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Cats on Tour

Entertainment // Jan. 23, 2017

It broke all the records in the West End and on Broadway; it’s creative and bold, the songs are memorable and the characters, well, they’re all cats. Now Andrew Lloyd Webber’s famous musical is back – and the 2017 International Cats Tour has a two-week run in Lausanne from April 25 to May 7.

Cats on Tour

The Théâtre de Beaulieu will present 16 energy-packed shows, with the production’s original creators reunited. Acclaimed director Trevor Nunn is back at the helm, plus choreographer Gillian Lynne and designer John Napier. This was the dream team that launched the show in the 1980s, after Lloyd Webber was inspired by reading T.S Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats to his children. Since those early days Cats has played in over 30 countries; been translated into 15 languages and enjoyed by over 73 million world-wide. It played for 21 years in London and 18 on Broadway, with both shows winning Grammy Awards for Best Cast Album – including the classic track Memory. Don’t speak cat? The show’s in English with French sub-titles.

see Ticket Corner for tickets. 


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