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Can ski tracking technology really lift your game?

Snow// Science & Technology // By Chris Shiels // Nov. 14, 2016
Provided by // Media Frontier

Whether you prefer off-piste action, cruising the blues or practising your jibs in the park, there’s an app for that. Media Frontier's Head of Technology, Chris Shiels, looks at apps for those who spend their winter weekends playing in the snow – and chooses its favourite seasonal downloads.

Can ski tracking technology really lift your game?

Brought to you by Media Frontier

Ski Tracks

Ski Tracks, if you haven’t come across it already, is the daddy of snow sports apps. It is capable of tracking everything about your ski runs; from max. speed to altitude and degree of descent - this app stores a myriad of data. It’s not the slickest looking app but that can easily be forgiven due to the functionality - it allows you to take and store photos of your day, has a built-in music player and even a clever battery-saving mode to ensure you don’t run out of juice.

Ski Tracks is available for both Apple and Android devices.


A relative newcomer to the market, SnowBuddy combines some of the data functionality of Ski Tracks with a social focus that allows you to  nd, or “yodel” your friends on the mountain. Also included under the hood of its wonderfully designed interface is access to worldwide ski maps, weather forecasting and to add to your fun on the slopes, a range of challenges to take on against your friends. Again, SnowBuddy monitors your battery and cuts non-essential animations etc. if the charge drops below 60%.

SnowBuddy is available for both Apple and Android devices.


Edge is another tracking and stats app all bundled together under a slick interface. Packed full of nifty features, Edge uses your phone’s GPS to accurately plot your descent down the mountain and comes complete with plenty of piste maps so you can do away with paper versions. Features include a speedometer and it keeps track of previous times - putting you head-to-head with your friends on a shared leader board. The app is capable of downloading all map and weather info to save on those roaming charges.

Currently Edge is only available for Apple devices.

On the Snow - Ski & Snow Report

At best the weather in the mountains can be described as changeable, so being able to check on conditions before you hit the road is vital. On the Snow uses GPS to alert you to the closest pistes with the best conditions - and, more importantly, it allows fellow skiers to upload reports for a personalised view of conditions. On the Snow features more than 2,000 resorts from around the world, from which you can create a customised list of your favourites, complete with hour-by-hour weather conditions, customised powder alerts and resort opening dates.

On the Snow is available for both Apple and Android devices

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