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Camping with kids in the Berner Oberland

Explore Switzerland // By Janet e Johnson // April 26, 2017

Intimidated by the idea of a camping trip with the whole family? These campgrounds in the Berner Oberland are a great place to start.

. Camping with kids in the Berner Oberland

Switzerland is a gorgeous country with many varied mountainous regions. For those residing here, as well as for visitors, an excellent way to experience Switzerland's natural beauty is through its many campgrounds. Whether you prefer pitching a tent, renting a bungalow, or sleeping in an actual bed, there are options to suit everyone's needs. Most campgrounds in Switzerland are truly unforgettable, but here are a few of my persional favorites to recommend... 

Berner Oberland

No Swiss camping guide is complete without a mention of the Bernese Oberland. For many, the Oberland is the high point of Switzerland's impressive natural beauty. Despite being a popular international tourist destination, the Oberland manages to still feel like undiscovered territory.


Lazy Rancho campground - Interlaken

This majestic mountainous region, scattered with sparkling alpine lakes, is an impressive and popular popular region to camp in.

Sleeping options: camp sites, bungalows, igloos! 


Aaregg Family Camping

Aaregg is a highly reviewed area in the Oberland. There is a lake and a recreational pond. Kids will be happy to swim and parents will be happy at how clean the grounds are! Staff members are polite and accommodating and they're fluent in multiple languages. This is a great place for those seeking a relaxing camping experience. 

Sleeping options: family campsites, bungalows, pod houses 


Jungfrau Holiday Park

Another highly rated location, the Jungfraw Holiday Park has many accomodation options, ranging from campsite to budget hotel. Rooms here have their own kitchenettes as well as beautiful views of the surrounding area. 

Sleeping options: camping, bungalows, rooms, spaces for motorhomes



This one blurs the boundaries between campsite and hotel. The Jungfraublick is a 3 star hotel with a pool, high-quality facilities, laundry, and a playground. However, for those wishing to be close to the facilities but still able to get the camping experience, there is also an area to pitch tents. 

Sleeping options: camping, hotel


Bonus region - Ticino

OK, this one isn't in the Oberland but for those willing to travel a bit farther south, Ticino is another wonderful region that offers yet another perspective on Swiss nature and culture. 

Campofelice - Locarno

Campofelice has everything - a water park complete with inflatables, a great play area, and a nearby river for swimming, so lots of options for outdoor fun. There are also varied accommodation options to suit all families' needs.  

Sleeping options: camping, bungalow, caravan to rent, hotel 

You can check out more articles like this on the Hiking Camping Guide.

   I'm Janet E Johnson, travel writer by profession and lover of world cultures, food, oceans, languages, souls, wild spaces and urban places by nature.

Tags: camping, wrs

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