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Business Insight: How to be Happy!

Business Insight // Finance// General // By Tay Kinnear // Dec. 3, 2018


Ikigai isn’t just another guide on ‘how to be happy’. The ultimate goal of Ikigai is not happiness (although should help to achieve this) - it’s about satisfaction with life.

Ikigai translated literally means: IKI = Life GAI = Purpose. So, basically finding your true or useful purpose in life. Most people never find this and feel disconnected with themselves, yet within each and everyone of us, are the answers, we just need a guide to help us extract them and make sense of it all.

Psychologists explain why identifying our purpose in life can help us in life satisfaction. If we are able to find our purpose, everything will be easier and pleasurable. Easy, because we'll exercise our most tuned capabilities. We then can start living with a sense of purpose, with passion and the things we love and are good at.

To know more about IKIGAI visit us at: www.visibilityimpact.com where you can book your free 30 minute call.



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