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Business Insight: Andrea Beil, Coach and Mentor (21 January 2019)

Business Insight // Finance// General // Jan. 21, 2019

Andrea Beil is a 36 year old, mother of a teenager daughter.

Self-employed over 15 years.

As a teenager, Andrea was the person to go for friends, to keep their secrets and to help them out in situations where they had personal struggles, support them and show them a way out. It´s a talent she had since very young age but without knowing, how valuable this is. Andrea studied physical therapy and osteopathy at first, but then realized quickly, that this is not her path forever, as there was something missing for her. She was very interested in human actions, reactions and emotions, as in her point of view, emotions are the driving force of our lifes. It is her passion to help people break free from past events which are holding them back from what they truly desire.

Body-language, Character-analysis, NLP, Coaching, Constellation, shadow-work and many more, are proven and effective strategies and methods Andrea is using.

She helped over the years thousands of people to uncover the unconscious patterns and belief systems, which were blocking them from reaching their life to their highest potential, personal and professional.

Andrea is not only helping individuals, but also small companies and teams to create an inspired and mission driven company culture, as well as a highly productive energy, working in sync and simply a happy company to create better results.

Her service is offered international in online sessions and in intensive programs where she travels to the company.

Contact: Email: info@andrea-beil.de Skype: Andrea Beil

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