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BuchBasel literary festival

Mid Morning Mix // Entertainment // Oct. 31, 2016

BuchBasel literary festival welcomes local and international writers of all styles into Basel during the 2nd weekend of November.

BuchBasel literary festival

During this weekend, writers and lovers of literature will take over galleries, cafés and even a carpenter's workshop in Basel. In fact, there are over 30 different locations that take part, as Katrin Eckert, festival Director, goes on to explain, to bring the literature to life. They're hoping to show that literary events aren't simply reading the book with a glass of water by the author's side, but experiencing the literature...

One of the stars of the show is Joshua Cohen who, on the 12th November, will talk about his book 'Solo for Schneiderman'.

He joined Katt on the Mid Morning Mix to talk about his book, the meaning of human existence and how to keep out the niggling voice of the critic when you write (or not)...

Some English highlights on the BuchBasel programme include:

Nir Baram, World Shadow

When: Saturday 12th November at 15:30

Where: Valkshaus, Galeriesaal

In "World Shadows", a senior campaigner has the courage to take a break from his job. He embarks with anarchists and goes on strike. Nir Baram, the "great discovery of Hebrew literature" (ABC), has a guess who holds together the threads of the world.

Joshua Cohen, Cadenza for the Schneidermann Violin Concerto

When: Saturday 12th November at 20:00

Where: Valkshaus, Galeriesaal

The American shooting star presents his debut novel which has only recently been translated into German. His translator, Ulrich Blumenbach, was awarded the Basler Kulturpreis 2016.

This brilliant first novel is a portrait of an artist at the end of an art form. The elderly Jewish-Hungarian composer Schneidermann, who survived a musical education, survived the war, survived Europe, survived the neglect of all his music, finally and suddenly vanishes during a matinee movie on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The novel begins with Schneidermann's friend--his only friend--the violin virtuoso Laster, onstage at Carnegie Hall. He has finished playing the first movement of Schneidermann's last composition, his Violin Concerto. At this point he is supposed to begin his cadenza...his solo. Instead, he drops his instrument and lifts his voice, delivering the text of this novel to the audience.

Discussion in English, reading in German by Thomas Sarbacher.

Shumona Sinha, Calcutta

When: Sunday 13th November at 14:00

Where: Volkshaus, Festsaal

Shumona Sinha's third novel tells the story of Trisha who returns back to Calcutta and her deserted childhood home after her father died. The author vividly depicts not only the story of several generations of Trisha's family, but also the eventful history of West Bengal between British occupation and the Communist regime. Shumona Sinha won the “Interationalen Literaturpreis des Hauses der Kulturen” 2016. The book hasn't been published in English yet. Discussion in English. Moderator: Corina Caduff. German reading by Cathrin Störmer.

Photo of Joshua Cohen ©Adam Gong

Photo of Katrin Eckert ©Ben Koechlin

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