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Blue Butterfly - an examination of families, science and nature

Gardening & Green Spaces// Science & Technology // April 24, 2015

Do you remember the interview with the 'Ant Lady' on Drivetime last year?

Blue Butterfly - an examination of families, science and nature

Adria LeBoeuf researches ants at the University of Lausanne. She is affectionately known as the Ant Lady. Her interview with Tony on Drivetime, was memorable indeed and still gets comments from WRS listeners to this day.

When Adria first arrived in Switzerland from the US, she founded The Catalyst theatre group. Having been involved in the drama scene in New York, she wanted to continue that here.

The Catalyst is presenting Blue Butterfly in Geneva from April 29 and then in Lausanne from May 8.

Blue Butterfly is the story of a young family grappling with demanding careers, an abnormal child and the fundamental forces of nature.

Natalie and Simon are struggling scientists who resort to TEDx talks and TV to thrust their research into the spotlight, while their brilliant but dangerous seven-year-old daughter gravitates towards her grandmothers mystical beliefs.

Their research into cancer, parasitism and immunology echoes the complex dynamics of a family blind to their own dysfunction.

It's not all serious Adria assured Tony. Blue Butterfly also promises some light hearted humour as well.

For Adria, The Catalyst helps to convey scientific themes in a highly appealing and professional stage production. An important cultural vehicle, to develop scientific concepts through creative performance.

Blue Butterfly will premiere in Geneva April 29 - May 2 at the Theatre Pitoeff and then in Lausanne May 8 - 10 at the Theatre La Grange de Dorigny.

More details - www.bluebutterflyplay.ch

Tony enjoyed another wonderful conversation with Adria on Drivetime about Blue Butterfly and also got the update on the ants!

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