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Bernard Trontin talks Bowie & Le Fanfareduloup Orchestra

Mid Morning Mix // Events// Entertainment// Art & Culture // Jan. 29, 2020

This Thursday & Friday, the Fanfareduloup Orchestra will take on the music of David Bowie for a two-night run of their show SOUND & VISION.

The show will be a homage to Bowie and an interpretation of his more electronic music, in the Fanfareduloup's own style, which is traditionally more orientated towards blues, jazz, latino and rock.

Bernard Trontin, of the Swiss industrial rock band - The Young Gods, came up with the idea years ago and he now plays percussion in the show. Bowie was quoted as having said that The Young Gods were an inspiration to him. 

Bernard joins Katt on the Mid Morning Mix... 


We find out more about the show's creation, the collaborative process behind it, and how Antoine Läng's ease with pop music and jazz improvisation made him the obvious choice to be the singer in the show. 

The show takes place at the Alhambra in Geneva on Thursday 30 & Friday 31 January 2020. 




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